Comfort Character Pen Pals SFW


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This is an SFW Pen Pal. I will send four emails one per week as said character. It is a safe place to talk about your life and rant with no worry of judgment. All emails will be on the following days. Tuesday through Friday. Please list which of these days you would like to receive your email. Please remember that this is a pen pal program so don't forget to respond. :) All emails will be sent between the times of 12 pm - 11 pm EST.

I've worked with them before and I really love how they portray different characters! It's nice having a day where I can just say everything on my mind to this character and their response is something I look forward to every week :)

This was a blessing away from the sordid world around. Character I chose is pretty obscure but they managed to get them perfectly! I always loved reading and will love rereading those emails. Felt genuine enough to escape.

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