Letters From Your Comfort Character NSFW/SFW

$7.00 $10.00

Custom letters from any media comfort characters. For all NSFW Letters, characters will be aged up to 18 plus. In SFW Characters will be of corresponding age as you unless it is a nonromantic relationship. No romantic relationships between minors and adults.

Got this for my best friend. It was amazing! I'll have to get one for myself as well someday! ^^

I have to rate this experience immediately. I'm still giddy like a teenager. The letter is so in character and it's exactly what I would expect and more. I can't express how much I love this. It's so rare to have someone grasp MBJ character well enough to write a decent letter. I'd definitely buy again!! <3

Extremely sweet and helpful. Shipped extremely fast

I enjoyed the letter. It was a great read and was delivered fast.

Got my letter quickly and it was a cute set up for the letter.

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