MDZS Peeker Car Stickers


I lover MXTX novels and everything that has to do with them. I always wanted to show the people around me how much I appreciated her works so being an avid collector of car stickers I reached out to see if I could get a few characters to place on my car. I finally found a company that had some and bought enough to share with all of you. They are quite large around 13 cm across but I still love them. I was able to get Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji, however I hope to get more characters in the future. 😀

Sizes: Width x Height (centimeters)

Wei Wuxian- 13x12
Lan Wangji- 12x13
Lan Xichen- 12x13
Nie Huaisang- 13x8.5
Jiang Cheng- 11x13
Jiang Yanli- 13x10
Wen Ning- 13x10.5
Little Apple- 13x13
Jin Ling- 13x11.5
Wen Qing- 13x12
Lan Sizhui- 13x11
Lan Qiren- 10.5x13
Yiling Patriarch: 13x7

Please know that if you apply the stickers to a cold window or if the temperature drops before the adhesive properly adhere the adhesive could fail. To prevent this please apply to a warm window. If you know the temperature will drop please wait for a more cooperative temperature.

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