Manga Mystery Bag


Hello everyone. I have an exciting and mysterious product I would like to share with you all.

Have you ever gone to the store and bought a manga just to come home and realize you already have a copy?

Well, that is exactly what happened to me. However, instead of taking it back, I thought I could place it into a fun Mystery bag along with a few more goodies.

Each bag will have 2 Mangas or Light novels.

If you see M in the name that means at least one of the mangas/light novels has a mature rating.

If you see BL in the name that means that at least one of the mangas/light novels has a male/male relationship dynamic.

It was a fun surprise

Absolutely loved this surprise manga I already had one of them and be of my friends had been wanting to borrow it so I gave it to her cuz I’m weird about my books and she loved it and the other ther one I hadn’t seen before and absolutely loved the story it was super cute

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