MXTX Character Comfort Letters

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Comfort Letters from a few of the Characters from the MXTX Novels. Including Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (MDZS), Heaven Offical's Blessing (TGCF), and Scum Villian's Self Saving System (SVSSS).

I adore the letters. I wish I can reply to them. The letters make the characters so real! I will save these letters for eternity! Highly recommend this! 100/10

I love that the creator used different handwriting font for the letters. They're so in characters! One tiny thing is that my LWJ letter contained a few errors and I think that's probably unlikely for LWJ but hey maybe he relaxes enough to make mistakes in writing. Haha, I love it.

Perfect!! Better than I expected! I laughed so much reading WWX's letter. It's entertaining and so heartwarming! Exactly what I need after a very rough month! Thank you!

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