Thousand Autumns Peeker Sticker


I am quite new to the Thousand Autumns Fandom but I enjoyed the novels quite a bit. I really fell in love with the 2 main characters and their relationship dynamic. I asked an artist on Etsy, Lucyrine, whom I had been following quite a bit on TikTok and loved all the things they created to draw chibi forms of the 2 main protagonists. Please check out their page. They have amazing artwork.

Sizes: Width x Height (centimeters)

Shen Qiao- 11x13

Yan Wushi- 13x11.5

Please know that if you apply the stickers to a cold window or if the temperature drops before the adhesive properly adhere the adhesive could fail. To prevent this please apply to a warm window. If you know the temperature will drop please wait for a more cooperative temperature.

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